Seriously overworked Ritemaster and Keeper of the Land of the Caern of Solid Footing


Breed: Lupus
Tribe: Shade Runners
Auspice: Theurge. What else?
Rank: Fostern
Age: 8


Bites-The-Sky is a fairly young Theurge. He’s competent and eager to help out, but he lacks the experience (and thus lore and Gifts) that are honestly necessary to do his job and he’s seriously overworked what with trying to keep the caern’s location a secret while still Fighting Weaver. As a matter of practicality, if you want anything more than information out of him, you’re going to need to take an item or two off his to-do list. “Info” largely means basic lore, maybe instructions on how to perform a rite, and advice on how to contact and provide chiminage for the spirits he knows, of which there are a goodly number.

Bites has spent a lot of time around humans, as he was bred in captivity (so to speak) by Shade Runners, and grew up in the woodlands surrounding the Caern of Solid Footing. As such, he is very talkative and “humanlike” for a lupus. However, his outlook is still fairly lupine, and his eagerness and hardworking nature are partially an outgrowth of his inborn pack mentality.

On the rare occasions that Bites-The-Sky has to deal with humans, he uses the alias “Andy Maxcroft,” which he selected because he likes how it sounds.


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