Alex "Sleeping-Lightning" Dalton

Warder of the Caern of Solid Footing


Breed: Homid
Tribe: Shade Runners
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: Fostern
Age: 26


Alex Dalton was born in Reno to a Glass Walker and his Kin mate. She was recognized as a Garou as an infant, and as such was involved in caern activities from a young age, being homeschooled by her mother and taught the various lessons that any Garou should know by her father. Seeing the coming troubles of the Apocalypse and the withdrawal of the Star Gazers, Alex’s father sent her to San Francisco, to the caern of an old friend from his Questing days, to keep her safe. There, she learned the rudiments of Kalindo, an effort which was significantly accelerated by her First Change. In fact, Alex was considering joining the Star Gazers when the Apocalypse broke out, but something apparently made her change her mind, as she arrived back in Nevada shortly before the Crawling. As fate would have it, she was one of the earliest initiates into the Shade Runner tribe other than former Glass Walkers.

Alex has been the Warder of the Caern of Solid Footing since it was established. She spends a lot of her time out on the bawn in lupus form, keeping acquainted with the shape of the land and keeping fit. She knows the land and the caern better than anyone, arguably including the Alpha. She also regularly practices Kalindo within the bounds of the caern (so as not to risk attracting undue attention by shapeshifting on the surface), but has thus far refused to teach anyone the techniques she knows, citing an oath she swore only to teach others Kalindo under certain conditions. She also refuses to divulge these conditions.

Alex "Sleeping-Lightning" Dalton

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