The Geist Fix

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Sin-Eaters die easy compared to Garou. Let’s fix that!

(work in progress)

Sin-Eaters are a bit tougher than their mortal frames would suggest. They do not lose consciousness when their Bashing health track is filled, and they do not die when their Lethal track is filled. When they begin to take Aggravated damage, however, their forms begin to lose some cohesion and hints of their Geist’s form begin to slip through. They still die (with all the normal reversibility this implies) when their Aggravated health track is full.

Returning to life gives a Sin-Eater full health by channeling the life-nature of their living side through the supernatural power of their deathly half.

Sin-Eaters add their Psyche to Bashing, Lethal, and Aggravated soak.

Geists can learn Garou Gifts if they possess Rank within Garou society. Geists count as Homid and as whatever Tribe sponsored their adoption for the purposes of learning Gifts. They have no Auspice. Learning a Gift requires two more XP than it normally would. Geists can substitute Plasm for Gnosis on a one-to-one basis but have no Rage.

Caerns count as a sort of Haunt. The spiritual energy latent in such a place can be taken in by the Sin-Eater’s Geist and “digested” into Plasm, a process which does not harm the caern in any way. A Geist must remain present in the caern for an extended period of time to gain any meaningful benefit from the Caern’s spiritual energies. the Sin-Eater must spend at least eight hours a day, at least three days a week, within the caern in order to be able to draw Plasm from it. Sleeping is the recommended way of spending this time. Note that Caerns do not actually generate Residue as Sin-Eaters understand it (i.e., there is no physical substance involved). The Residue trait of a caern is merely a representation of how much power a Geist may draw from such a place. Furthermore, each Geist residing in a caern may draw the full amount per week.
Residing in a more central location of the caern counts as also residing in an outer location (so that the bawn gives access only to its own energies, the caern proper gives access to the bawn and its own, and the heart gives access to the entire caern). Note, however, that it can be tricky to negotiate access to the heart of a caern with the totem thereof…
The entirety of the bawn of a caern counts as a Haunt with the following traits: Fluidity 1, Residue 1
The entire “proper” caern (in Solid Footing’s case, all the underground areas) counts as a Haunt with the following traits: Fluidity 3, Residue 4
The heart of a caern counts as a Haunt with the following traits: Fluidity 20 (for entering or exiting the Underworld), Fluidity 5 (for performing rites), Residue 10
Sleeping in a caern is not as disturbing to a Sin-Eater as doing so in a normal Haunt (and thus they may regain Willpower normally), but they do not remember their dreams…

Entering or exiting the Underworld via (or creating or destroying an Avernian Gate within) the heart of a caern does not damage a Sin-Eater’s Synergy. The power inherent in a caern also drives ghosts away even in the Underworld (known to Garou as the Dark Umbra), and they will not enter even the shadow of a bawn without a compelling reason. Ghosts must be compelled by magic to enter the caern proper’s shadow, and ghosts cannot be compelled to enter the heart of a caern. Any ghost that does so takes one level of aggravated damage per turn, and is destroyed when its wound track fills. These effects apply to the caern in the material world, the Underworld, and the Umbra.

Crossing into the Underworld while in the heart of a caern does not require a permanent Avernian Gate, and in fact no permanent gate can be maintained in such a lively (if spiritually open) place. Any Gate created by a Geist in such a place lasts only so long as the Geist is in line of sight to it. However, creating and opening an Avernian Gate in the heart of a caern is as easy as simply opening one elsewhere (and in fact is usually much easier due to the massive bonus to this roll that the caern’s Fluidity provides). Gates created in other parts of the caern require the normal ceremonies, and are worn away nearly as quickly by the spiritual energies of the caern (as if they were constantly being visited by living beings).

The Geist Fix

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