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  • Caern of Solid Footing

    Established in 2002 after the fall of the [[Caern of Burning Stone]], this Caern of Stealth is in the middle of the woods, underground, designed to be undetectable from the air and nearly impossible to find on the ground, being modeled after the tunnel …

  • Timeline

    *October 28, 1962* [[:uriah-sees-farther-david | Uriah David]] is born. *January 23, 1981* [[:uriah-sees-farther-david | Uriah David]] has his First Change, wiping out the Yemeni terrorist cell he had been observing. *June, 1981* [[:uriah-sees- …

  • Those Who Carry Death In Their Jaws

    *Those Who Carry Death In Their Jaws* are a pack, led by an ancestor spirit of the Glass Walkers, who ventured into the Deep Umbra after [[The Crawling]] to bring forth [[Elephant]] from the bosom of Gaia to serve as a new totem for the [[Shade Runners]].

  • Smiles-Like-Death

    Smiles-Like-Death disappears for a few days every winter. The precise start and end dates of his disappearance vary, but he always sleeps near the heart of the [[Caern of Solid Footing | caern]] for a few days before disappearing, and every time but one, …

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