Uriah "Sees-Farther" David

Sept Alpha of the Caern of Solid Footing.


Breed: Homid
Tribe: Silent Striders
Auspice: Ragabash. Yes, the Sept Alpha is a Ragabash. Truly, this sept is in dire straits.
Rank: Athro
Age: 48, but looks more like he’s in his 30’s.


Uriah worked for the Israeli Mossad before his First Change, and his natural talent for finding the chinks in his enemies’ armor has combined with his training in evasion and misdirection to form a formidable set of skills. He has been Alpha of the Caern of Solid Footing for its entire existence, and is the mind behind most, if not all, of the defensive measures taken to keep the caern safe and relatively self-sufficient.

Uriah is absolutely committed to the mission of fighting the Weaver, but he has seen a great deal of death in his time, perhaps more than he has the stomach for. As such, he tends to be averse to taking too many risks with the lives of his septmates.

Uriah "Sees-Farther" David

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