Local smartass Nuwisha and ceremonial Fool


Fera: Nuwisha
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Honorary Shade Runner
Pants: Occasionally
Rank: Fluctuates a bit, but roughly Fostern most of the time
Age: 30ish
Human alias: Several. Hunter S. Thompson when he’s feeling cocky.


Smiles-Like-Death disappears for a few days every winter. The precise start and end dates of his disappearance vary, but he always sleeps near the heart of the caern for a few days before disappearing, and every time but one, the number of days he has done this has matched the number of days he goes missing afterward. When Uriah confronted him about this, he laughed and laughed and told him that he did it just to warn the caern when he would be gone, and he was glad someone finally noticed. This is one of Smiles’ favorite stories to tell at moots.


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