Breed: Lupus
Tribe: Red Talons
Auspice: Ragabash
Rank: Cub


Circuit-Breaker originally hails from the Sept of Crimson Fanged Dawn, and she would have stayed there were it not for recent events. Her life pre-First Change was relatively normal, as her pack was under the radar enough to stay out of trouble. Even her Firsting led to no deaths, save a deer that she was extremely frustrated at, and when she was collected by the Talons, she dove right into learning about the Garou and her Tribe. She was hungry for knowledge and eager to please, and threw herself into attempting to be the best cub she could be. Finally, she was pronounced ready for her Rite, and told to go prey upon the workers of a construction site that was encroaching on non-Weaver-dominated land.

Things didn’t go as planned.

While she successfully killed two workers, the cub-then called Belly-Low-Ears-High-didn’t count on Crawlers deciding to keep an eye on the progress. She was captured, but they refrained from killing her. After all, why waste a good lupus when a live one offered such a potential learning experience? The Crawlers were well aware that historically, lupus had reacted much worse to upgrades than the other breeds. Here was an opportunity to see what techniques might work better…and if they were lucky, perhaps they could force a conversion. So, the cub was taken back with them, and upgrading was attempted.

When the cub came to, she wasn’t happy.

Despite the surgery, the Talon had both literal Rage and a more metaphorical rage at being so violated by Weaver-things. The Crawlers certainly weren’t expecting such a spirited reaction. That surprise was what allowed her to make her escape, tearing her way out of the building where the surgery had been performed and forcing her way back towards the wilderness. It was a hard trip, once the initial Rage and adrenaline wore itself out, but she eventually made it back to her sept. To say that her Tribemates were surprised by what happened would be an understatement. The older Talons were horrified-and completely at a loss over what to do. A quick decision was reached-they would send her to the urrah sept to give themselves more time to discuss the matter and decide what to do. Not only would it buy them time and keep away the cub that now set their fur on end, but it would also be educational for her. After all, no one knew wretched Weaver-things like urrah. Perhaps they could find a way to remove it, or use it against the Weaver.

So the cub was sent off to the Caern of Solid Footing, where she suddenly found herself with a terrible case of culture shock and great deal of confusion. Much of what she was exposed to there went against everything she’d been taught before. But the cub-with the newly acquired name of Circuit-Breaker-still did her best. If having to learn about, and work with, homid things was what she had to do to find her place amongst the Talons, she’d do it. No matter how strange or distasteful it might seem at first.


Circuit-Breaker is a Talon, but she’s a relatively young and inexperienced Talon with a very strange life thus far. This has made her far more open to learning about new things than many Talons, especially things relating to urrah and humans. For her, it’s become a necessity, thanks to her new sept. She’s terribly curious about why both groups do so many strange things, and her favorite word is “Why?”. If she thinks she can get away with it, she’ll push and push for further explanations on things, going into a deeper spiral of why this, why that. It’s a somewhat annoying tendency, but at least she’s willing to learn. She’s actually started to develop a fascination with humans and their gadgets. She’s caught between the Talon mantra that apes aren’t worth the time and effort of protecting and her newfound discovery that humans are strange but interesting to watch. If she’s going to be stuck around them for so long, she at least wants to understand them better. Circuit-Breaker believes that it might actually please her elders a little-after all, better understanding apes means knowing how to deal with them better, doesn’t it?

She’s also terribly eager to please and be the best Talon that she can be. Circuit-Breaker desperately wants to be finally recognized as a true Talon by her tribemates, and it gives her a drive to succeed and give things her all. She’s also well aware that as a cub-even a cub that should’ve been completely Rited by now-she’s the low wolf on the totem pole, and too much growling in her direction will make her flop over without hesitation. There’s no shame in submitting, according to her wolf upbringing, and it’s something she tries to learn from.

Due to being at a sept that spends a lot more time being around and dealing with humans, much of the past seven months or so Circuit-Breaker has been there has been spent learning how to act like a human. While she’ll still drop into wolfish behavior if she’s frightened, flustered, or angry, for the most part she’s gotten decent at acting like a relatively normal-if annoyingly nosy and talkative-human. She understands and can speak a great deal of English, although she needs some help with words and still can’t read, and she can be taken out in public with supervision.


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