They Fight Weaver!

Session 2

Runnin' From the Po-Po

Our intrepid heroes decided to try and track down the people who killed Pat’s master. Uriah, being somewhat pleased with this, gave Pat a list of potential warehouses that may have been the one Wraith saw in his vision. By consultation with Eater-of-Snakes, the Warder of the Caern of Crimson Fanged Dawn and a Ragabash called Stick-in-Webs, the pack discovered the specific location of the target, and that the Talons had burned it to the ground. However, there was a computer in the basement.

When the pack arrived at the warehouse (now a crime scene due to arson), they discovered that there were two police officers inside. Instead of sneaking past them like sensible people, Pat decided to go into a secure crime scene shouting about demons and ghosts haunting the place. The Mokole then began trying to convince the officers that Pat was a mental patient, and Wraith decided to start painting pentagrams and the phrase “I AM A GHOST” on the walls while invisible. This spooked the officers enough for them to call for backup while running out of the building.

Once they had access to the computer, Circuit-Breaker was able to effortlessly enter the system, after a cryptic message about the computer accepting her credentials. While she managed to copy everything of importance, something strange happened with her commlink while she was doing so.

Then, the backup arrived.

Wraith’s response was to panic the backup by making them bleed from their eyes. This panicked them, causing them to start shooting. This made Pat frenzy. So, once all the cops were dead (clawed to bits, shotgunned, and katana’d), with more backup and probably a SWAT team en route, Pat and the Mokole decided to head out in Crinos in broad daylight and start terrorizing the local gangbangers who had gathered to gawk and try to steal the Mokole’s car.

Then a brief police chase ensued in the Mokole’s now bullet-riddled car, before they decided to torch it with Everclear purchased from a local liquor store. Then they shoved it out into the street, where another car smashed into it.

Then Pat went to his temple to change out of and burn his blood-soaked robes, and then the pack made it out of the area just as the police arrived to investigate the car crash. They then proceeded to drive around to try and lose any heat they might have picked up.

That’s when they noticed the unmarked white van following them, being driven by someone who looked suspiciously like the Terminator. Wraith then had the bright idea to smash the van with the back of his own van, which, to his credit, did kill the driver and render the enemy van unusable. However, instead of trying to drive away, the group decided to engage the four grim-looking men in tactical armor with bigass scary clawy-grippy-Taser things.

They won. Barely. This involved destroying their van. It’s a twisted pile of metal that has had its roof torn off and also it was thrown onto a couple of the MIBs.

So our heroes are presently standing on a dusty desert road outside Las Vegas.


Totals include points this time.
2 Base
1 Success
1 Danger
1 Pointage
Everybody: 6 XP



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